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  • Clear Purpose – Whitemark provides innovative and professional services by bridging the critical and technical gap for commercial and government agencies by intertwining management, integration research, and evaluation expertise.


  • Strong leadership - The Chief Executive Officer has over 21 years of military leadership experience including personnel management, logistics, strategic planning, tactical applications, and operations and over 22 years of global intelligence experience.


  • Strategy – Whitemark is customer focused and value based. Our strategy is timely, efficient, equitable, effective, and employee centered.


  • Professionalism – Whitemark takes pride in their business. Professionalism is a key factor to their success. Whitemark takes superiority in doing their work well and in accordance with their standard operating procedures established by the industry.

  • Adaptability – Adaptation is important in the world of small business. Whitemark has modernized their organizational, staffing, and accounting processes to ensure that each and every client is supported to our fullest potential.

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